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To provide additional value to his customers, Bob Snowden also obtained a Broker’s License in Real Estate, which has provided him with additional knowledge, experience, and enhanced his perspective and understanding of the industry as a whole. Snowden Builders has partnered with Charter Properties, a local real estate company, to provide customers with unparallel expertise.

In addition, we have recently added Stacey Czarnopis to our Snowden Builders team. Stacey, who specializes in real estate sales, is a licensed real estate agent with Charter Properties. Having Stacey on our team has proven invaluable and has allowed us to further assist clients with all of their real estate needs, providing them with the superior level of attention and service that they deserve.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home, sell your existing home, or in search of property to build a new home, we can assist you.

For assistance with your real estate needs, you may contact our office via email or reach out by calling (616) 532-1800.

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